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This Is How Fish and Chips Should Be

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This is how Fish and Chips should be:

First the fish should be fresh, 

Fresh as the flick of a tail,

Tender, succulent but firm,

White, breaking easily into

Curved Flakes,

Delicately flavoured.


Encased in a fine, light,

But completely covering,

Crispy batter with 

Rococo frills and curls.

The batter must be cooked

Inside and out.

Nobody likes 

Fish covered in

Wallpaper paste.


Fat  hot chips

Fluffy and soft inside

Crispy outside

Fried in


Or something else 

For vegetarians.


You only need

Salt and vinegar

And somewhere to sit

So you can eat them 

As quickly as possible.


You don’t need

Mushy peas

Or Ketchup


If you must…


Best of all

Eat within the sight 

And sound

Of the Sea.

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