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George's jam fritters

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George’s jam fritters | Life and style | The Guardian 14/10/2017

We love to eat: Georges jam fritters 
1 egg
135ml milk

55g plain flour
2 slices of sliced white bread Raspberry jam
25g lard

Beat the egg, milk and flour in a bowl to make a thick batter. Spread margarine on two slices of white bread, sandwich them together with raspberry jam, then cut into four squares. Heat the lard in a big frying pan. Dip each square in the batter to cover. Wait until the lard is sizzling hot, then place the battered jam sandwich squares into the pan of fat. Fry until crispy golden brown on both sides. Lift the squares out with a fish slice on to a piece of kitchen roll to soak up any excess fat. Sprinkle with sugar and serve. 

My sweetest childhood food memory is eating my dad’s jam fritters, as an evening treat. The recipe originally came from his uncle George, who made them when he was a chef in the army in the 40s, and then later, back in Liverpool, for his own offspring and my nan and her six children who lived next door, probably as a cheap, postwar dessert. My grandad had died in the second world war when my dad was just a baby, so as a youngster he went everywhere with Uncle George. A good impression was obviously made because Dad, also called George, became an army chef during his national service, later becoming a full-time butcher.

During the 70s and 80s, my mum and dad worked full-time and had four kids to feed, so jam fritters became a staple of our household menu as a quick, fun way to satisfy four constantly hungry mouths. Dad made them for us after Sunday dinner, and often as a midweek evening snack. Smoke would billow from the back kitchen, through the serving hatch, to every room in the house. We kids would fly into the kitchen like vultures, grappling for that very first, golden fritter. 

Despite the fact that they were essentially fatty, sugary, stodge, I still hold a special place for jam fritters in my arteries, and my teeth will never forget them. 

Clare Brumby 

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