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 By this time I thought g it was all over
 My head above watr
   Emotions that crush the soul.

   I carry on forward with new gusto           
   and hope... Suddenly... There's a
   tap on my shoulder.
  "We need to talk"

   My departed unwanted guest still
   here. This is  Grief, Grief.
   He plys his trade on bereaved lost
   souls. Plays mind games too.

    Maybe he's not that clever after all.
    Doesn't need to be. Vulnerability makes
    me weak, If my head's above water.the
    my feet are sinking in quicksand,
     .  I

    It's relentless.Grief grows after every attack,
    My strategy changes somehow, I watch.
    hold back,stand my ground. My nemesis
    backs down a touch. Am determined to 
    understand the essence of this villain, And
    of course with time...

    Time is good. Time's a good healer.In our
    world.time seperates good from evil 


    So...after many sleepless nights, I wait. Ready
    for what is. What I know.... Grief really does go.
    Well can't be sure but the instinct is good. Grief
    was right after all..The anti-hero' both good and.
    bad. from a timeless world?   
    Grief is tough love...But above all, Grief is love
    I thought it was all over....Wisdom prevails.
    Well maybe it's over,.Just maybe




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