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The Analysts Chair

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The Analysts Chair

The Therapist: You've told me you live in a world of your own
Me: Not exactly I'm not god you know
Therapist: Yes, but you fantasize to get away from the tough life.
Me: Yes, it's tough if you chew without teeth like me
Therapist: Be serious now, are you frightened of being hurt again?
Me: I guess so. My fiancé died didn't he. But then everyone does that you know.
Therapist: What would your fiancé think of you, joking all the time
Therapist: What would your fiancée think of your joking all the time?
Me: He’d love it. He was Irish. I think it was him that taught me to kiss the Blarney Stone.
Therapist: You look sad now.
Me: Yes, I am. I miss him terribly. You have it right, I joke to cover up. But I also cover up because it’s winter.
Therapist: It is winter – I’ll be away for my Christmas hols soon – Goodbye!
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