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For the benefit of the tape

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I have to say I found creating a blog exceptionally diffiicult. My areas of interest seem to be flooded with blogs, often lifestyle based. I found it really difficult to think of an original way to approach my topic. I thought as I write fiction. I would create a fictious character who is always being arrested for being a parent. Below is my first attempt. I've written it as a playscript. Not sure if this would work as a blog. 

For the benefit of the tape
(Two police officers are sitting across from the accused – a 30-something hippie. Nose-rings and tats).
Sergeant: Sergeant Makepeace and DC Carter interviewing Miss, Charlene Understood. Miss Understood…’
Charline: ‘Mrs.’
Sergeant: ‘I apologise. Mrs.’
Charline: ‘Charline’s fine.’
Sergeant: ‘Charline. Kids with your mum again?
(Charline nods).
Sergeant: ‘For a pacifist, you seem to be here an awful lot.’
Charline: ‘It’s not my fault.’
Sergeant: ‘It never is. So, what happened this time?’
Charline: It was that stupid cow.
DC: (Chuckling) good start.
Charline: The baby was just screaming and screaming and it was doing her head in.
Sergeant: Then why are you arrested for threatening behaviour?
Charline: I don’t mind the noise. I hear it all the time. (The police officers are confused). The old lady just kept going on. Saying she…
DC: The baby’s mum?
Charline: Yes. The baby’s mum should smack the baby. She said it wasn’t like that in her day. All her kids were very quiet. Because you’d get a smacked bottom if you weren’t.
Sergeant: And?
Charline: Well I said that I prefer a world where kids are not assaulted. Then she said a smacked bum does no harm – and stops the racket.
DC: Then?
Charline: I said how would she like it if I smacked her? Would she think it does no harm then?
Sergeant: So, you threatened to hit an 80-year-old?
Charline: Well she realised how harmful it would be!
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