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Hidden Killer

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Hi everyone,
I thought it would be a good idea to help you help someone else improve their wellbeing and maybe even go so far as save their life.
Now, you’re probably thinking “come off it, lad”. But please read on and you’ll discover that it is indeed amazing what a little knowledge can do. This isn’t about diets or a miracle cure for something, it’s purely based on personal experience and scientific fact.
Let’s begin with a few questions:
Do you know what the Hemingways, the Steinbecks, and Steve McQueen all have, or had, in common?
Do you know what Tsat means?
What type of image does bloodletting conjure up in your mind?
The Bronze Fist?
What about the Celtic Curse?
You’ll discover the answers to these questions as you read on, but please, don’t be disappointed if you’re stumped on any, or all of them. You’re in the majority, sadly, even among the medical professio. I’m sure you’d be surprised if I told you this was one of, if not THE most common genetic conditions, affecting around 1 in 200 adults in Northern Europe. This increases the more Celtic heritage you have.
Now let’s have a look at ourselves or our loved ones and see how many of these are familiar:
Arthritis. This can affect any joint but particularly check on the knuckle and first joint of the first two fingers
Chronic fatigue, weakness, or lethargy. Got heavy legs or just feeling drained all the time?
Abdominal pain; this could be in the stomach region or maybe the upper right-hand side, sometimes it could be spread widely around your abdominal region
Impaired memory, mood swings, irritability, depression
Loss of sex drive, or impotence in men
Absent or scanty menstrual periods and early menopause in women
Bronzing of the skin, or a permanent ta
Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle
Late onset Diabetes
Abnormal liver function, enlarged liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer
A decrease in body hair
How many boxes do you tick? While some of these conditions might alarm you, the majority are manageable as we get older. This, however, is part of the problem with this condition. Symptoms are not connected often enough and often treated in isolation when the underlying cause is the problem to be addressed.
The greatest issue with this condition is lack of awareness. When diagnosed early enough, before any permanent damage has been done to our bodies, you can lead a perfectly normal life. I’m the living (and writing) proof of that.
Now let’s go back to those questions:
Steve McQueen, Ernest Hemingway and family, and John Steinbeck and his family, were all cursed with the effects of this condition
Tsats are the levels of transferrin saturation, by which the condition is measured
Bronze fist is a typical symptom
The Celtic Curse is a common name for this condition
Bloodletting is actually the most common treatment used
So, what’s this thing called?
Tell you next time…..
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