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We then did some 5 minute - keep your head down, don't look up- exercises. Adding the premise of food made it more interesting. I've realised that food makes for some diverse writing.

I remember on a course I did a good while ago, a book called  ARISTOTLE'S POETICS  for SCREENWRITERS...When translated, it emerges that when writing Drama, discovering a characters' eating habits is essential and this goes all the way back to the dawn of western civilisation.

When feeling down, you've got to be kind to yourself, that's why it's comfort food for me... Corned beef hash with a sausage, Sheperd's Pie and thick homemade chips with loads of salt and vinegar... The truth is, I love this food so much I eat all these when I'm happy too. This makes me think:  

If you are what you eat..       What is a cannibal?

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