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We had our first session   with Sarah, with the main incentive being trying to discover our own voices.  We used vernacular words and phrases that we've all used before to get a wide spectrum of ideas.  I've got Irish blood running through my veins, so I should have a rich tapestry of phrases tucked away in the ol' grey matter.

One word that always comes to mind for me, meaning a" fool" or  " waste of space" is GOBSHITE.  There was never any malace in the word and was more a term of endearment than anything else.

When I was a small kid and fell over grazing a knee or God forbid spilling a bit of that Irish blood on the pavement, when a grown up looked at the wound and realised the extent of the exaggeration, they would say....."LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM"...  "HE FELL OVER A MATCHSTICK AND A FLY KICKED HIM"... I know, its confusing to say the least. and still struggle to get my head around it.

I think you get a sense of your own voice too by reading a lot, stuff you like and also dislike to give a broad spectrum.
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