Janet Baker

Janet Baker

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 13:04

Where I am from

I am from Albany Road Nursery
Broadgreen School,
My parents and sisters
and my broader family,
I am from Music and Art
Seats of greater learning,
My present and future
and shadows of the past returning
Thursday, 27 July 2017 14:01

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Schlittenglocken klingen, horst du sie?
Auf dem weg glitzert der Schnee
Welch schoner anblick
Heut Abend Sind wir froh
Spazierien durch ein Winter-Wunderland

Christmas with friends at the Philharmonic
working in the Orchestra office
Irmtraud, Kim and I
It was silly season and we learnt christmas songs in german
one of which was Walking in a Winter Wonderland
which we sang at the top of our voices!
Thursday, 27 July 2017 13:58

Stallion in swathes of blue

Stallion in swathes of blue
statuesque in the distance
a vision on the hill
so eerily still
suspended in mid air
This is a selection of artworks created in Italy, France and Spain between 1200-1500 on display at the Walker Art Gallery. The combination of emotional imagery and abundant realistic detail was also influential in Southern Europe, particularly Spain, the political overlord of Flanders and the Netherlands until the late sixteenth century.

St Peter and St Paul 1373-1452
Studio of Bicci di Levenzo

Both circular paintings come from an altarpiece or polyptych.  St Peter and St Paul were often placed on the left and right sides of the altar.  St Peter holds the keys to heaven and hell.  he was widely acknowledged as the first pope.  Paul carries the sword with which he was beheaded.

Coronation of the virgin with angels playing musical instruments
Studio of Giovanni di Bionot

Christ is shown crowning his mother as Queen of Heaven, following her death.  Two segments of a larger painting.  The lower part shows angels playing a fiddle, lute and glittern. This was not reunited with the coronation until 1962 when the walker Art Gallery bought the paintings.  Although the middle section of the painting is missing you can see the pattern on the lower part of the virgin Mary's robe in the bottom painting.

A Legend of St Andrew
Bartolomeo di Giovanni (1475-1511)

According to legend a bishop was visited by a devil in the form of a young woman.  He was saved from danger by St Andrew wearing blue and green robes who revealed the woman's true identity.  The woman in the painting is depicted with horns.

Reliquary Casket
Limoges, France 1200-1225
Oak and enamel on gilt copper alloy.

Casket made to hold relic of a saint - possibly St Thomas a Becket.  The enamel plaques show his murder at Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.

Mirror Frame
Ivory and Wood  Venice 1400-1450

Made in the Embriachi Workshop.  The blindfolded figure in the centre at the top of the frame represents faith.  There are 2 panels either side for his and hers coats of arms. this was possibly given as a wedding present.  The top panel is square with a triangle on the top (like a church shape).  There are wooden panels on the outside and interior sections surrounding the mirror. Between these panels are sections of ivory engraved with flowers, plants, fabrics and angels/figurines, This is in a octagonal shape.

I was attracted to these particular artworks because of their vivid colours and striking imagery.  I once went on a touring holiday to Italy where we were taken out by coach each day - during which time we visited a lot of churches.