Saturday, 30 September 2017 12:42

A Stroll on Shop Street

Slán loveen says he
Carefully Counting out her change
 In dirty 10 cent pieces
Slán go foill! says she
pushing the bottle deep
in her ragged red rucksack
Head down she tries to avoid
The two young bucks with clipboards
Smiling at her through rows of
Orthodontically sculpted teeth
They beseech her to help
To save the whales and elephants and
To tackle the effects of climate change
No change in the climate here she says
It rains all year
The Christians are out,
With rosaries waving from under
Their shiny golf umbrellas
She wonders do they see him
And his blanket and dirty wet cardboard
Slumped in the doorway beside them
 Sliding along the shiny wet cobbles
That reflect the street’s` colours
 of blue, yellow and grey
She marvels at the miracle
Of how your woman
 Stays upright when she kicks out her heels
In a wild slip jig
But The grand soft rain
Won’t stop her dancing while
The narrow street is shrinking
With fiddles and banjos and drums
And the dripping people who stop to listen to
 the lads with the dreadlocks
And grand woolly jumpers
I once saw a dog on a donkey’s back
And girls with ten hula hoops
 juggling fire
Well, says she,
isn’t it fine
What can happen on a small
Narrow street in the rain
Published in Aug-Oct-2017
Monday, 10 July 2017 16:01

minä rakastan sinua

Minä Rakastan Sinua
The breath that blows through –a
Feeds the fire that that burns within – a
Passion that flows to fill – a
Heart that yearns and aches for – a
Tell a, shout a, cry a, whisper
Minä Rakastan Sinua
Published in May-July-2017
Monday, 03 July 2017 11:05

Mis Gatas Españolas

Lucy has eyes of ice cold blue
Loretta's are more a Caribbean hue
Lucy loves her belly rubs
'Retta likes to hide in shrubs
Amo mis gatas Españolas!

But why do I love these little girls so?
Why does my heart beat or my blood flow?
Is it such a ridiculous thing?
Their purrs alone make my heart sing!

Amo mis gatas Españolas!

Lucy meows like a megaphone 
Loretta flies around like a remote control drone 
They wake me at four
Wanting cuddles and more

Amo mis gatas Españolas!

Hard to believe they were once on the street
Because they have made my life ever so sweet 
Since these cats have entered my life
They help me to deal with the stress and the strife.

Amo mis gatas Españolas!
Published in May-July-2017