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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:05

It's Academic...Fully Certified and Approved!

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I went to the University of Hard Knocks
Got the Third Degree from the Judge
Next came College of the DHSS
No sympathy there only more Stress
Now i'm working my Ticket
Just get myself Free
One more day of Apathy

I took a chance of easy Money
A get rich quick scheme
That was bound to fail
A  Pyramid  scam
sending sand to Eygpt
Now all  can eat is Humble pie
Sleeping on the streets
That's no lie

I went to the University of Life
It was an academic course
learning parrot fashion
Facts and Figures to repeat back
So i bet my future prospects
On a First Honours with a Racehorse
It finished last and i was off the Course

Oh Lord, give me an all Academic Degree
A passport to a better life ,can't you See
Fuly Certified and Approved with Accreditations
To get a great job on a Fat Cat Money
Or fail and be another fast outlet burger Flipper
It's Academic......

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John F Hall

A blues player from the Deep South of Liverpool , Macca Land ,bathed in the golden light of Stanlow oil refinery cracking plant. Cool, sophisticated, laid back , rugged, debonaire, !
A non -funny sit down comedian....

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