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Pictures on the Wall Featured

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A day in the Art Gallery, looking at Pictures on the Wall
Losing myself in their Composition
Colours, Juxtapostion, and the way the light falls
Making a study of the Impressionists
and the Surrealist Avant Guards
Time passes in the picture form
Brush strokes on canvas keeps me sane
In a room with a view with
Pictures on the Wall

Vincent Van Gough colour me Blue
Mr Turner with your watery View
Salvador Dahli ,Picasso Cubeist Knew
Pre-Raphellite figures i like them to
Damien Hurst with your formaldhide Sheep
Tracy Emin ..with that unmade bed are you Bo-Peep?

Appreciating the colour ,tone and form
Becoming one with seascapes tempest and storm
Oils ,water colour ,acrylic, medim and pastel sahdes
Caught in the artists eye the fine detail
Virgin canvas minimalist white over white
Moonbites a partial eclipse of day and night

Dapple shades of summmer country scene
Brushstrokes paint runs the picture into existance
Light,colours, soft focus of a Turner Landscape
Bring the day to a close a final look
At the pictures on the Wall

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