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I broke your heart ,you broke my jaw
With a flying dropkick you left my lying on the floor
You gave me a dead leg, and Chinese burn
You said i was a love rat and had something to learn!
 Then the Half Nelson and three falls and a knockout!
I was getting the full bodyblow bruising mission
I pleaded for no more .....
Then you said .....on the canvas floor
I only require your Submission!
before i show you the door!

 I only said ,you are drop dead Gorgeous
the tattoos on your arms are talking to us!
Next i heard was a crunch of bones
When i crashed to the ground
Like a domino fall of Stonehenge stones
You pulverised me in a  meat Tenderiser
I was a dead man walking, with a glass jaw
I pleaded for no more.......
Then you said'll be sorry
I only require your unconditional surrender
and total Submission!......

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John F Hall

A blues player from the Deep South of Liverpool , Macca Land ,bathed in the golden light of Stanlow oil refinery cracking plant. Cool, sophisticated, laid back , rugged, debonaire, !
A non -funny sit down comedian....