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Angel of the North ,why don't you fly home?
Hang up your metal wings and go it alone
There's no jobs here in Redundancy street
All washed up with two left feet
There's nothing to do ,but sign on the Dole
Except to look out from a window
In a Room with a View!

Angel of the North ,why do you stand so still?
High above the town on a distant hill
Come on down to where the Orange streetlight shines
Over the Derilict Steelworks and Shipyards  that died
But until then ,there is only one thing to do
Just keep looking out from that window
In a Room with a View

Angel of the North,spread your wings and fly away
Into the sunrise of a new day
Circle high above in cirrus cloud dream
Travel the world high in the Jetstream
But you are in Miniature ,you stand in static place
Just staring blandly out ,with a blank face 
Striking a artistic pose in an Exhibition space
Wings over Mathew street ,on a mission of peace
Just look out of a second story window
of the View two Gallery ,a room with a View!

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John F Hall

A blues player from the Deep South of Liverpool , Macca Land ,bathed in the golden light of Stanlow oil refinery cracking plant. Cool, sophisticated, laid back , rugged, debonaire, !
A non -funny sit down comedian....

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