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The dog ate the sofa, there's an Elephant in the room
There's a budgie in my Snugglers, The Cheshire cat has vanished to!
There's a Tiger in my tank, My ducks are all in line
Brian the Snail is having a Shellsuit time
Cuddles the Slug leaving a trail of slime!

Get that Monkey off my back
He's high on skunk weed and crack
Get that monkey off my back
Swinging through the trees
with Tarzans coalmans empty sack
Get that monkey off my back
marking territory with a urine attack!

There's a bird nesting in Boris Johnsons Hairdo!
There's a smartass kid without a clue
There's a Norweigien Blue Parrot pining for the Fjords to
There's a Porpoise with no purpose and blue surf shoes

There's a Big Fat Cat who's got the cream
There's that Bogie man picking a new seam
There's an Armadillo hiding in your pants
There's Ferret who's been learning to dance

There's Jeff the talking Mongoose at Dorlish Cashen
He does strange things ,because he can
Living in a house up on the hills
He's a poltergiest with unusal skills!

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John F Hall

A blues player from the Deep South of Liverpool , Macca Land ,bathed in the golden light of Stanlow oil refinery cracking plant. Cool, sophisticated, laid back , rugged, debonaire, !
A non -funny sit down comedian....

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