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Venus de Nitro Featured

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She may look pretty harmless
But she's ready to blow you mind
she's a work of art of the marble kind
She's an explosive temper on a short fuse
She is called Venus de Nitro, Ladies got the blues!

Please don't get her angry or irate
You don't want to give a cocktail to shake her
She's a quick temper ,so tread lightly and tiptoe
Don't activate her instant  detornator
In that explosive situation you'll meet her maker!

Get a bigger bang for your buck
Venus de Nitro will be your lady luck!
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John F Hall

A blues player from the Deep South of Liverpool , Macca Land ,bathed in the golden light of Stanlow oil refinery cracking plant. Cool, sophisticated, laid back , rugged, debonaire, !
A non -funny sit down comedian....