Monday, 03 July 2017 15:35

Fourth of July Blues

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Captain Kirk and tribbles
Why am I blue on the Fourth of July?
We're run by a loon who lets the Tweets fly
No matter how stupid or evil or rude
Or childish or hateful or painful or crude

With hair like a Tribble and orange fake tan
Modus operandi is hate flames to fan.
No morals would he beg, steal or borrow 
Decency dead fills me with sorrow.

E pluribus unum turned on its head
Many American hearts full of dread
Will democracy die in the land of the free?
Run by "facts" gleaned from Fox News TV?

Republicans say, "He's just Trump."
Lefties think he's dumb as a tree stump.
While they bicker, bluster, bumble and spin
The world staggers on as if full of gin.

Why does the Fourth of July make me feel blue?
For reasons preceding you should have a clue.
Donald Trump is deranged, deluded and strange.
That, I am certain, isn't subject to change.
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