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carleen durr

Dead or Alive were number one in the British charts with their dance track U Spin Me Right Round, and I was in the midst of quite possibly the happiest year of my life.  It was March 1985 and I, Ged, far left and Sharon, to my right was 16 years old.  The other girl, Cathy was only 13 and it took me months to persuade her to lie to her parents so she could join us at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club.  
Cathy wasn't really one of us, she was still at school but you can't tell that from the photo.

Ged, Sharon and I were on a Government Youth Training Scheme, The Rathbone Thearte Workshop.  Under Thatcher's Rule social deprevation was everywhere, and youth training schemes were the norm.  We were each paid the grand sum of £25.00 a week.
That night, and every Saturday night for the year practically every kid at the Rathbone was in the Cavern Club from 9.00pm to 2.00am.  It was bliss.  The music, the dancing, the fun, the family.  And all on half a cider and black.

Ged and I went to the same school, but as she was in the hightest grade and I the lowest I never knew her, though I'd seen her in the corridors and playground.  She left with ten grade A's and I with none. Deeply intelligent and beautiful.  Her long, black hair shone blue when it caught the light.  I swear to God every boy who met her fell in love, but I didn't mind I loved her, too.  Loyal, honest, kind and with an integrity that gets lost with age.  She's now in her twenty fifth year of teaching.

Sharon was a different kettle of fish.  Brought up in a loving, hard working family on a rough housing estate she felt she had a lot to prove.  Pregnant with twins at 17.  Another son at 19, divorced at 20.  Hope she doesn't feel the need to prove herself now.

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