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Monday, 24 July 2017 13:18

Ships on the River

Written by
Still flows the rover ,on the ebbing tide
I have watched those ships come and go
since i was a child
Still flows the river.each and every day
Coasters, tankers,ferries and liners
Waved them on their way!

The river flows to the estuary
Red and Green bouys keep the channel safe
Seagulls follow the leaving ships
for floatsam and jetsum in the propeller wake

At a rate of knots, they pass the Mersey Bar
Then it's on to the Irish Sea ,and out to
the Atlantic Ocean on routes so far away
Sail away to a new port today

At high tide i watch the ships pass and tidal flow
Leaving the docks for foriegn lands, Tugs with ships to tow
On the Merseybar in the Baltic Fleet
I listen to stories from old sea dogs
Told of shipwrecks on the shifting sands
The Ellan Vanin sank to the bottom with all hands 
The Mexico ran aground when the winter storms rage
Rescuers lifeboatmen drowned with lives to save

Ships on the River , on the evening high tide
I have watched those ships come and go
since the sunrise....
Some ships docking on the Birkenhead side
Glass towers relflecting waves and winds
Sentinel Cormarants stoney gaze look out
Clocks keeping perfect Maritime!
Monday, 24 July 2017 13:04

Belle Vale Beauty

Written by
You are my Belle Vale Beauty
I'm you're Netherley Lover
in that Pink velour Tracksuit
I want no other
You're hair in rollers and scouse eyebrows
Glued to that mobile phone
Listening to idlechat and gossip
Flirting with anyone around

Now you have a allover 24hr orange Tan
You glow like a Nuclear Flan
Let's meet in Poundland at the Shopping mall
With your Ugg boots and drug dealer pals
Spending money on bling and tat
On Chidwall road the BelleVale Queen 
is where she's at!

Now order a Mcdonalds big burger and fries
While making eye contact with those Shellsuited guys
Flashing your assets for what they are worth
A back entry propsal , then giving birth

Now with a herd of feral kids on the rampage
Benefits are better than a job and geeting paid
Living a life of fags,booze,and drugs
Shoplifting sprees, selling stolen goods
You have never done a tap
and never will
If you got no money i don't pay the bill!
Monday, 24 July 2017 12:07

Expect the Unexpected .....

Written by
I always had a passing interest in folklore and ghost stories so while on a
Holiday break on the Isle of Man i took the oppurtunity to look at the actual
site of several interconnected stories in a area called Glen Aldyn near Ramsey!
I had spent a day or two in the Manx central library in Douglas researching the
location and taking expansive notes from several different writers on the subjects!
Corralating the notes i became aware that the site had a multiple stories and i could
access it from public transport!
Alighting the bus at the Milntown corner which is on the TT motorcycling road circuit
the corner was the the first crossroad but not the only one to have been the
haunt of the Mohddey -Dhoo or Black dog seen at recently as 1922 a harbinger of bad luck!
Also the same site had other entities such as a Water-Horse ,Water-Bull and Faire folk
opposite on Skye Hill the battle site betwwen celtic manx and The Norse Vikings.
Now walking up the valley to the Methodist chapel the bridge was alledged to be
haunted by hahd that prevented poeple crossing in times of flood !
Crossing the bridge countuing upstream to a gate ,that went up the valley to
Snaefell mountain !
Across the field to the right a ramshackle barn or hut and nearby path
was another haunt of manx witches and fairfok. Witnesses  had seen
someting odd as recent as 1970..in the form of women decending the
mountain path with pails on their head als wearing a kind of headgear
like a sunbonnet !
Pushing on through the gate my partner became aware of  a mist
decending in the valley and stream to our left !
After walikg for a while we stopped to listen to the curious sound
of the stream over rocks and kind of drumming sound?
Also noticed a fairie ring of mushrooms ,the path  seemed  stretch
onward leading to a wooded area and a wall a big pool blocking the
path this mean't we had to go around into the wood!
I stopped to take some photos of the scene and pathway
A deretict house stood just off the pathway ahead !
Here things just got weird ,ususally nothig ever occurs
when investigating such sites ,so this was real x -files!
The wood was dark and unusually no bird song the hill behind was
hidden ,movement could be heard like snapping of twigs
and a disdinct feeling of being observed from someone or
soemting nearby but hidden to us! A suuden gust of wind blew up
(this is always a sign of invisble enties in folklore terms !)
While passing the edge of the pool ,i saw another larger
farie ring of mushrooms!
Back on the path and moving toward the dereclt path
i commented on the strangeness to my partner
Then i took some photos of the area just passesd
and suddenly felt and ice cold clammy chiill pervading
my entire back ! A typical spinechiller as described
when seeing a or experiencing a ghost or paranormal activity!
I was  feeling sick and my pallour was white .I experinced a fuzzy vision
and felt like i may blackout the clodness was creeping all over my back
and oncrwasing in sensation .This was a fearful event ,my companion
sensed this also and suggested we double baclk immedietily!
Somehow managing to calm my self down i turned and took a photo
we'd just passed through and would have to go back into .
All the time this cold persisted and the cold spot in that zone i'd have to
put up with to escape the situation.
Only other way out was up the mountain path to Snaefell in the distance!
Having played down the possible consequences of a return back
through the hollow to the stonewall and past the pool again ,
I took another photo using my Canon SLR 35mm lens camera
Then starting back as quickly as possible without breaking into a
sprint . The drumming sound had increased in fact all the sounds
and voices we were also hearing seemed to be persuing us back
down the path to the red gate we entered through! The walk seemed to take longer
as if the path kept streching out like the pull back shots in Spielberg movie Poltergiest!
The cold was still reverberating up and down my spine i was shivering
and a little concerned. By now a strong wind had indicated a storm was
oncoming so we proceeded back to Ramsey!
However as a post script the pictures when taken appeared to show a
a figure in the tree canopy directly above the pool where i expericed the
weird stuff and coldness!
Also some form of missing time , i went back a few years later and did
the same walk but it took a minutes
not half hour !
The scene had changed the atmosphere i experiennced ahd gone
the hill behind the wooded area was clearly visible and closer
than i thought ,the dereclict house had been reoccupied and renovated
the woodland path was rutted bty the vehicles moving back and forth now!
So when you go down the woods today .....
Expect the unexpected
PS ...it was almost like the Blair witch story if i ahd a handheld camera
who knows what i would have picked up ?

Monday, 24 July 2017 11:52

Down and Out(Days of Austerity)

Written by
I was a working man, now i have a worried mind
Nothing but troubles when i sign on
No jobs i can find
This isn't how it's suppose to be
Hard times for the poor man
When you are Down and Out
in theese days of Austerity!

My silver spoon has turned rusty red
My road is so long and dusty
Just got a shop doorway for a bed
I am going to finfd out one of theese days
my time is running out
Hard times for the poor man
in the days of Austerity

A throwaway society discards the homeless poor
The corporate bosses show the workers the door
Kick them when they are down,screw them when they're sick
cut off the help undo the safety net
Wealth and prejudice ,Dirty money talks out loud
There's easy money for the taking
and Blood on the killing ground

Pour oil on the fire, there's a feast and famine
according to the foodbank store
We're all bred for cannon fodder
Talon ,tooth, and claw
Hard times for the poor man
in the days of Austerity

They are closing down the factories
They'res no jobs no more
The loan sharks are circling
Drug dealers are knocking on my door
Hard times for the poor man
in the Days of Austerity!

Monday, 24 July 2017 11:20

The Revoluton Comes (at closing time)

Written by

They came from the back city streets to march and protest all over this land
Against greed and injustice ,go hand in hand....
The Revolution Comes at closing time!
Corruption and drug money so it seems
Bankers,Politicains,Celebrity culture
Far cats have got the cream
There's a double standards law, for us and them
Screw the poorest in society break their dreams

There's trouble at the Mill, The Red flag flies
Out on strike again!
They're out on force on the picket line
Just remember the Revolution comes at closing time!
Do whatever,you have got to do
Stick it to the Man
Together we're stronger than the Corporate might
Against the grain ,we go into the night!

Day's of Austerity ,Living in Anarchy
Vanquish the enemy,Start living free
They say work till you drop,Never going to stop
Keep the people asleep with drugs, drink, and mobile phone dependency
See another psycho family kicking off on Jeremy Kyles daytime Teevee
You can never do enough for a good boss
Be a willing wage slave,work till you drop
They keep you poor on zero hours pay
When the Boss says JUMP!
You say ..How High?

So raise your finger and stick it to the man
About what pisses you off, he'll never understand
Kick back hard, say Don't push me
Shout out loud ,unrestrained and with Profanity
Raise your fists, Wave the placards in the air
March and shout over the price of Beer
The Revolution comes at closing time.....

Passive resistance Ghandi spoke about
Or a pavement debate and a punch on the nose
Down your luck ,Budddy can you spare a dime?
the Revolution comes at closing time.....
It's written in graffitti on the lavatory wall
The words of power before the fall
Have a few more drinks ,the streetline shines
The Revolution comes at closing time....

The say the pen is mighter than the sword
Always doff your cap to your Lords and Masters
Action always speaks louder than words
To those who rule and don't really care
So be careful and walk a fine line
Because the Revolution comes at Closing time!......

Saturday, 22 July 2017 14:16


Written by

They came form inner or outer space
Invade your mind  with almond eyes and a grey face
Experiment on you like a lab rat
Screen your memory and then you forget!
In sliver flying saucers they do right angle turns
in  restricted airspace
Now Mulder and Scully are on the Case
From conspiricy theories to Govenerment Cover ups
The Aliens serve humans it's to their taste

The Mothman prophecies say, the end of the Human race
Silver bridge collapse, in all areas that they are  disasters corralate
Now David Vincent has seen the Invaders glow
Don't Panic Arthur Dent the Vogan ship has gone
I wonder if it's all a secret government plan
A cover up in plain sight now and then
Or are we at Childhoods end
Fire in the sky ,the Overlords plan!

Mars attacks, the Tripods walk on by
On Independence day the aliens arrive
In Area 51 ,the Rosewell craft flies
Weird science ,Zero point gravity
from dark skies

Uforaia, Uforaria.......
Close encounters of the Fifth kind
Ufoaria, Uforia
Is it real ....or is all in your Mind?

Saturday, 22 July 2017 14:07


Written by

Do you know what they say
You have got to believe
See it with your own eyes
Moon is Cheese.......!
Creamy Brie,Sliton,or Cheddar
Parmisan, Gorgonzola ,Cheshire,
Tell the more mature and Stinking Bishop
that the Moon is Cheese
to the Red Liecester!
Rollong Down ,the side of a hill
Full fat moon in the Oct sky
You can see it with your own eyes
just be sure thar
Moon is Cheese.....!
Wallace and Gromit
like a bit of Wenslydale
Have a taste on crackers
or crusty bread
with a glass of wine
that's what i said....
But i know what i believe
the Man on the Moon
is covered in Cheese!

Saturday, 22 July 2017 13:51


Written by

Robins dance and Robins sing
In Sherwood Forest
Robin Hood wears Lincoln green
Robins dance and Robins sing
Robin redbreast is a bird on the wing
The dawn chorus rises to a cresendo
in the morning sun
Birds of a feather ,the day's just begun
Calls from the trees and gardens all
Fly away Swifts and Swallows
when the day is done
Garden territories Robin has to defend
From Magpie,Blackbird , Crow's no freind
Song Thrush ,Chaffinch, Bluetit all sing
Crows call , Magpie steals the shiny ring!

Startlings whirl in patterns overhead
Up and around Runcorn bridge and City scape
Now Robins dance and Robins sing
Robin  redbreast is a bird on the wing

Robin Hoods Tump and Robin hoods stone
Ancient myths and legends still linger on
Robins dance and Robins sing
In the midsummmer sun
Robins sit on the mushrooms
in the Faire ring!           

Saturday, 22 July 2017 13:22

Conan the Librarian

Written by


They say a book at bedtime could really broaden your mind
It could be a dirty one if you are not the academic kind
Be very careful as you turn over the pages
A sticky situation could make you go blind
Be quiet in the reading room
says Conan the Librarian
with one swipe of his mighty tome
he'll keep you quiet again
 With his long flowing locks
and six pack bronzed body glistening
covered in baby oil...,sweating ,persperation....and B.O!

A call to action will see him leap overbook cases
to stamp your book with his hammer of the gods
Conan the Librarian will make sure you
return that book,cd,dvd, or penallty fines
will result and time in the stocks!

Sunday, 16 July 2017 19:12

Why I Write to Work: My Journey Back Home

Written by
Little did I know walking into Toxteth Library on 9 May, 2017, my life would soon change and I’d make friends to last a lifetime.

From the age of 10, I knew I was a writer.  My school hosted a writing contest calling for essay submissions entitled, "What a Tree Means to Me."  Lo and behold, I won a $25 USD savings bond and had my essay published in our local small town newspaper.  A few years later, I joined the staff of both my junior high and high school newspapers.  
Our "Indian Lore" (high school newspaper) staff and chaperones went to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia for a conference for student writers.  I was smitten with Athens, Georgia and the University, but I was head over heels in love with The Henry W. Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communication!  Not only did I know what I was born to do; I now knew where I would be trained to fulfil my dreams.

Finally achieving admission to the University of Georgia as a pre-Journalism major, I soon became homesick.  I’d gone from a hometown of 5,000 to a town of 50,000 during term time.  Finding it difficult to make friends and to achieve the same high marks I’d made in school, my self-confidence quickly slipped away.

Bereft, this Daddy's girl rang regularly begging to come home.  Daddy convinced me to stay for a year, and assured me if I was still unhappy, I could return home.  A year went by, and still desperately sad, I returned home.  Totally dejected, I was certain my future writing career was dead and buried.  With no idea what to do next, I took the advice of my older sister’s mother in law, a Registered Nurse.  She assured me that my compassion would serve me well as a nurse.  I enrolled in the nursing programme at a junior college in Rome, Georgia, a town 25 miles from my hometown.
Unfortunately, my father died suddenly of a heart attack when he was 52.  The one person who had always supported me was gone.  I was bereft. 
My nursing course ended in 1985, and I passed the state registration exam as a Registered Nurse later that summer.  I completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1989.  After working 10 years in nursing, I decided to go back to UGA to finish my journalism degree. Working 2 twelve hour weekend shifts in nursing, I took university courses during the week until I finally obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in 1996.
Discovering my soulmate in 1994 via an email pen pal group, I moved to England after our marriage in 1997. Moving to England was frightening, but I’d grown up a lot since calling my dad begging to come back home. 
In England, I suffered numerous setbacks to writing and returned to nursing.  However, the desire to write still flickered.  Re-ignition finally occurred courtesy of a course called Write to Work.  I applied for the course a day before the deadline, not expecting a reply.  Surprisingly, an acceptance email followed shortly.  Ecstatic, I accepted the invitation and walked into Toxteth Library the morning of 9 May 2017 (one day before my 20th wedding anniversary).  Write to Work has turned that tiny spark into a raging fire.  Once again, I wake during the night with writing ideas.  My mind is constantly scanning the world around me for things to write about. 

A diversity of topics, supportive tutors and a group of writers who have become a second family to me has turned this 12 week writing course into a life-changing experience. During the course, I have had an article published in the Guardian newspaper, and will attend a radio journalism course commencing in September. Our writers’ group will continue meeting even though the course is over. I will now treat setbacks as learning experiences and never stop trying to improve my writing or apologise for any of my work or for my feelings. 
My life has changed for the better, and I owe it all to everyone involved in Write to Work. The supportive tutors and the warmth and encouragement of my new family of fellow writers have helped me to regain confidence.  The depth and breadth of the course has opened my eyes to writing opportunities I never even considered. I thank each and every person involved in this spectacular course.  You’re a part of my heart now, and I will never forget any of you.
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