Writing on the Wall Presents

Write to Work is an innovative writing course aiming to develop the writing skills and confidence you need to find the job you want. This next course, beginning on Tuesday 30th June 2020, will be delivered entirely online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over 12 weeks we will be hosting workshops, master classes and social meetings all via Zoom video conferencing, hosted by published writers and industry professionals, all offering their personal insights and tips for success.

We know how important it is to be creative during a time like this and we want to provide a supportive and friendly space for learners to explore a diverse range of writing skills and help you build your portfolio, develop professional connections and take positive next steps into employment or further education.

During the course you’ll be producing work for publication that will be printed in a professional anthology, which will then be sold in local bookstores, Waterstones and online. We are excited to announce for the first time we will also be providing one on one mentoring support for participants with industry professionals.

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This course is in partnership with Directions, The Women’s Organisation and part funded by ESF.

While you’re here check out some of our previous students’ work. Some are already published in flash fiction competitions, the Guardian and local newspapers, they’ve been finalists and runners up in our Pulp Idol competitions or become self-employed proof readers and copy writers. A few have even self-published their novels!